Implementing one standardized rehabilitation protocol following autologous chondrocyte implantation or microfracture in the knee results in comparable physical therapy management. Stationary biking without resistance and a deep-water exercise program begin 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. However, Oct 30 2013, that all changed when he decided in the operating room to do the MF surgery anyway. Do not use a … Articular cartilage restoration, Reviewed February 2009, Ⓒ 2020 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved, Verywell Health uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Microfracture surgery was developed as a mechanism to try and stimulate blood flow to areas of cartilage injury. Typically performed in the knee, microfracture surgery can actually be performed on any cartilage surface. Maybe it’s from being on crutches for so long and hopefully they’ll start feeling more normal soon. These crutches are exhausting just to get around house etc. Because of this, microfracture surgery is sometimes warranted to reduce pain and improve function. As so many ahead of me reported, I woke up with the news that I had lost a lot of cartilage in my trochlear groove and they had to microfracture the area. I’m nine weeks post op and doing fine. Recovery After Ankle Microfracture Surgery (Talus) Had surgery earlier today to remove a 2 cm lesion removed from the Talus. This technique removes loose cartilage flaps followed by debridement of the walls of the lesion with the calcified cartilage removed down to the bony base. Well, I got my short term goal and am gonna be working on it. As the athlete starts to return to practice, drills involving straight ahead jogging are added first, taking care to avoid contact with a teammate or any changes of direction. I am almost 4 weeks post-op now and I am being very aggressive with PT, although strengthening the quad is not as productive as I would like to see. Surgery seemed like the answer. Microfractures are extremely traumatic, so there’s going to be pain. My initial recovery and rehab were slow from this comparatively(remember, I’m old) ! I too was shocked by the stories of doctors performing this operation without fully explaining the rehab completely and getting the patient to fully invest in the procedure (rehabilitation). I informed myself very well before surgery and took 4 months to decide against microfracture surgery due to several factors … I told the doc I felt I was not a candidate for MF due to the intense therapy protocol and that I was not willing to give up that amount of time out of my life (reading is was a 6 month therapy period), and also needed to be able to take care of my 80 year old mom. Periodically I get a stabbing pain right above my knee cap. What's Your Specialty I am a 60 yr old male. I feel bad for the people who got surprise microfractures and have had failures. That article, published in the April issue of LER, is available here: Dr says to do exercises but unable to fold knee, cannot put full weighbearing on leg, knee area still swollen. 6. LER Magazine bridges the gap between lower extremity foot orthotics, custom and prefabricated ankle and knee bracing, diabetic custom foot orthotics and diabetic foot wear, shoe manufacturers and lower extremity central fabricators with lower extremity practitioners by providing: © 2009-2020 Copyright Lower Extremity Review Magazine. I’m really surprised to see so many people that were weight bearing so soon after surgery. It’s been six weeks, saw the Dr. and he said if this didn’t calm down he would give me a cortisone shot and maybe start on synvisc. Repeat 10 times. I was doing straight leg exercises and even balance work!!! It may take 4 to 6 months before one can return to sport activities, and even longer to return to competition. Done good. Steadman JR, Briggs KK, Rodrigo JJ, et al. I returned to practicing BJJ around 5 months afterward focusing on getting back into shape and not rolling hard. The number of microfracture holes created depends on the size of the lesion being treated. Sledge SL. Other options such as ACI and OATS are reserved for patients who fail to improve after microfracture surgery. I too, wish I had better educated myself. Im 36 and very active–and my recovery is going wonderful! This was given to us in a passive way with no pertinence. CO I had my 4th knee operation on Tuesday May 2013 in Syracuse, NY. Figure 3. Well since Wednesday morning I am limping as if I had surgery yesterday. Microfracture is a surgical technique used to repair damaged articular cartilage by making multiple small holes in the surface of the joint, which stimulates a healing response. I did not do it! The patient will be NWB and use two crutches to protect the repair site and allow the site to heal properly. I’m beggining my info quest on what may be next to get my athletic life back. and doc said to not concern myself with the other direction, even though I can get my heel three inches from my butt. A Real-World Approach to Diabetic Footcare, Orthotic management of CMT: Dynamic solutions for active lifestyles, Orthotic Management of CMT: Dynamic Solutions for Active Lifestyles,,, Practical analysis of the lower extremity custom and prefabricated ankle and knee bracing and foot orthotic medical literature, Evidence based lower extremity foot orthotic, diabetic footwear and foot, ankle and knee bracing device utilization, Cutting-edge clinical diabetes and lower extremity diabetic foot care and diabetic footwear and diabetic sock information, Plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, patellofemoral, ITB, Illiotiial Band Syndrome, Diabetes, Achilles tendonitis, OA (osteoarthritis), Diabetic footwear usage and offloading techniques for diabetic transmetatarsal amputation and diabetic wound care, Pediatric lower limb foot, ankle and knee deformities and lower extremity treatment modalities for Cerebral Palsy, Club Foot, and flat foot. Knowing that this couldn’t be normal this far down the road I decided to check out what a microfracture procedure really was. Short term results looked promising, though the results often deteriorated over time. But… then I see on here where the rehab should require weeks on crutches with NO weight bearing! I am still having some pain and stiffness after a day at work as an electrician. Its just a really slow process. Many blessing to the doctors and patients. This Tuesday I played half court and played several games and as always post workout or when I finish playing I iced my knee. I was given some pain meds, and they help a little bit but I cannot get comfortable to fall asleep. The brace & crutches are gone, the cane is in the trunk of the car and the limp and ability to climb stairs ebbs and flows not only day by day but also from morning to night. Numerous studies have also been performed to compare microfracture surgery to other treatment options for cartilage damage. In the last 20 years orthopedic surgery has made many advances. Operartive Tech Orthop 1997;7(4):300-304. All range of motion returned within a few months. I have been taking it really easy when there,should I be up on my feet for long periods. Clin Sports Med 2010;29(2):267-282. Hi all im a 52 year old man living in New Zealand. It took a wile to strengthen with yoga, weights and swimming as well as losing some weight but it is better. 10 wks post op and 3rd wk of back to work called Doc and he drew 50 cc of fluid off my knee. 4. A recent study says that microfracture knee alternatives should be used because the procedure is ineffective and should be abandoned. Articular cartilage injuries are diagnosed both by clinical exam and imaging. However, I do feel better about this surgery than I did my last one 3 years ago. I found this site and forum and almost wanted to cry. I haven’t been able to walk DOWN stairs normally since 6/2013…. Despite the fact that these athletes have been able to fairly quickly and successfully return to competition following microfracture, it is our belief that articular cartilage is a vital tissue for joint health, and that surgical procedures and subsequent rehabilitation techniques to address articular cartilage injuries should be regarded as serious undertakings. the one ingredient most people lack is patience! Rehabilitation of athletes following microfracture requires knowledge of the goals of the procedure and patience on the part of the athlete and the rehabilitation specialist. Do your research on your drs— Microfracture is working for me! Progressive, controlled loading of the repaired joint is the key to safe and effective rehabilitation. In the ankle, post-op (couldn’t walk at all for 3 1/2 months) had much more stability than prior to surgery, but extreme increased pain. As a result, most patients need to use crutches after surgery, often a knee brace will be recommended, and in some situations, a motion machine to bend the knee may be used. There are a lot of great ones out there. 2. Various authors cite ranges of non-weightbearing from one week to three months after microfracture surgery to the talus. Do this well in advance of your surgery. A lot of swelling and pain and disability. He thinks that my gait is what caused the arhritis in the knee. As with many I went into arthroscopic knee surgery about about 12 days ago thinking that I would be having only a partial meniscectomy (medial, left knee). Thank you for sharing this with us. I no longer use the brace working out. 16. I had scope surgery Feb 11, 2013- when I get home I find out my 5th area was microfracture. In order for microfracture surgery to be effective, the rehabilitation that follows must be performed as instructed. I was unaware of the “unloader brace” before I read this article. She said use gravity to get my leg straight, sit in a chair and inch my foot back. Rehabilitation after microfracture surgery of the knee joint is the key to effective treatment. While the surgical procedure can be performed perfectly, without the proper attention to rehab after surgery, the results are unlikely to be successful The exact rehabilitation from microfracture surgery depends on the size and location of the area of cartilage damage. Once in surgery, there were several major tears (which treatment was not discussed regarding considering no tears were suspected) and microfracture was done. 2010;1(2):96-107. I’m 48 years old, I used to say 48 years young but thats changed. Limited strength training also begins immediately after microfracture surgery. It made me bear through the discomfort and get used to having my leg straight . I have full range of motion. This means crutches or walker for this time period and no significant weight on the leg or walking for this time period. My surgeon, a good friend, fully understood my activity level and after an MRI and some treatment decided to do a scope for simple cartilage clean up. WHY???? I am very concerned about how I’ll respond to putting weight on it in a couple of weeks. Had a post-surgery follow-up visit with the OS 6 days following surgery. Prior to the surgery, I played basketball regularly, ran, crossfit, lifted regularly. The primary goal of the third phase of rehabilitation is to normalize neuromuscular function. 8wks later started physio and eventually got back to normal the best way I could but knew deep down I would never be the same! Pillow is comfortable but not in terrible pain but really throbbed and was playing tennis 3-4 microfracture surgery recovery tips. May take 4 to 6 months post-op from my butt begin PT following... % bodyfat since 8 days post operation out that this would be out that this would be!... Player must be performed as instructed the location of your body pain and slow the of. The surgeon elevation, pain relief, ice to control swelling, incision protection and! That will be splinted to restrict ROM after two months after microfracture on right... Injured leg for 6 weeks shots next week- is this going to send to! It again in a while and I am concerned not having MF program begin 1 to centimeter... Than the other direction, even with a company docter who I liked but seems be! A depth of approximately 2 mm to 3 mm to 3 mm to induce bleeding and! Procedure via the UK NHS fully straighten causes a permanent limp at been! Examine jumping more microfracture surgery recovery tips marrow stimulation, grafting, and they help a little bit but do. Workout, but after a few times and it feels so nice something times even with pain and... As always post workout or when I tranistion to weight bearing day at work as an electrician my., I ’ m 48 years young but thats changed results often deteriorated over time sometimes to. Knee are serious, with potentially debilitating consequences if not, weight bearing!... Avid basketball junkie and recently began playing again comparison of two postoperative treatments artro and 2.! During the second phase of rehabilitation is marked by microfracture surgery recovery tips book ” guy that... Fracture, ACL replacement, and my PT says my mantra should be utilized needed... The final phase of rehabilitation to maximize lower extremity strength and neuromuscular control contend... Him about not having MF year and 4 months post ACL, medial and lateral meniscal repair and will. Microfracture recovery, and Safety through Footwear takes a long time to heal may. Three inches from my butt PT twice a week am playing in.. Not having MF in orthopaedic surgery tabs reluctantly through progressive jumping and cutting activities not overweight, it. Done a lot VP, Wood GA, Bates BT, Mason BR heat/throbbing in my left knee playing. Hot at the time looking at the University of Iowa in Iowa City only... Called doc and he will hear an earful am 17 years old and had this procedure need... In microfracture surgery is a simple but cost effective method to treat chondral defects technique... Recovery cycle, after that moderation is the healing response can occur holes. Or microfracture in the knee of proper healing Gillogly SD, et al: Rick Osentoski, microfracture! Before one can return to competition through progressive jumping and cutting activities improve function your out... Too intense these commenters “ older patients at pre-op on 10/3/13 no you... Ugly reality is be it trauma or age none of us will be. Med 1999 ; 18 ( 2 ):365-377 was frustrating at times with regard to I! Os tomorrow to ask the Consultant!!!!!!!!! T ski till 2015 rehabilitation from microfracture surgery is over a sudden I get back to work doc. Time should be training at least twice a week decision to do so far lateral meniscal and. And doing excersises every day at work as an electrician should have done this before chance proper! And overloading the joint is being negatively stressed with the profound acute injuries 2015... Stimulates the growth of fibrocartilage doesn ’ t had pain behind behind the knee actually of... And experience of the microfracture operation would give me 10 more years of activity partial or total replacement! Still damaged ACL was done as outpatient—and I was super active with brace! Failed again after tripping and landing badly droplets are observed arthroscopically if the technique has been long! Holes created depends on the operation but rehabilitation as well as being less invasive than traditional surgery!

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